6V Sales and Service Equipment Rentals
Serving Rental Needs for Northwest Pennsylvania 
and the Southern Tier of New York State
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Our Rental Equipment at 6V Sales and Service LLC 
offers you the ultimate in equipment flexibility and variety!

When owning a machine is not a practical equipment solution for you, 
contact 6V for your request for quality rental equipment. 

We offer rental machines - available in the Bradford area.
Rentals can be Daily - Weekly - or Monthly Rates

Our technicians maintain our rental equipment 
so that our customers can rent with confidence.

No purchase necessary......but often times a fair portion of your rental fees 
can be applied towards the purchase of equipment should you choose to buy!  
What better way to decide if a piece of equipment is right for you - 
than to try it before you buy it!

Contact Us for Daily or Discounted Weekly Rate!
6V also offers services such as stump grinding, drilling post holes using an auger, landscaping, ditching, tree removal, excavating and demolition 
 -- plus haul away of unwanted structures, material, or trees!

To Learn More -  

Contact us to arrange a free estimate and let us perform the work for you!

6V Excavation and Demolition, LLC  Phone 814.368.5500

Or - complete our request form, be sure to include 
your phone number with your inquiries!

Above:  Gehl Z-45 Excavator with Cab, Heat, and Thumb:  

Contact Us for Our Discounted Weekly & Monthly Rates!

Delivery and Pickup Available for Additional Charge

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